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Your Plumber’s Advice On Hard Water

Your Plumber’s Advice On Hard Water

The Truth About Hard Water Straight From The Plumber

Homeowners across the country deal with hard water on a daily basis. Perhaps you don’t know what hard water is or if you have it. Hard water has high levels of mineral concentration in it, like magnesium or calcium. It is found in tap water all over the U. S. This natural phenomenon is created as water filters through layers underground that hold mineral deposits in limestone. The particles mix and collect in the water. The collection causes hard water when there is an excessive amount. You might drink, shower, and use the water without ever knowing it.

Your Plumber Doesn’t Want You To Panic

When you think about what you could be drinking in your water, you might spit it back out until you find out more information. But hard water will not hurt you if you drink it. In fact, some people prefer the taste of hard water. Keep in mind that the minerals in the water are magnesium and calcium, two things that are recommended for a healthy way of life. Hard water also has a low sodium content and can help those with high blood pressure maintain a low sodium diet.

Do You Have Hard Water?

It might be hard to guess if you have hard water or not, but it’s actually easy to notice if you watch for certain signs. Hard water will leave a white film on glasses and other items after you wash them in the water repeatedly. You might be embarrassed to pass out glasses when company arrives, but the film is harmless. Your laundry might also feel hard and scratchy and it might look dirty even though it’s clean.

The Ugly Truth About Hard Water

While the film on the glasses won’t hurt anything, hard water can harm plumbing. The film you see on your glasses is also left behind in your pipes. Hard water can accumulate in film form in pipes, fixtures, and appliances like the dishwasher. It also causes your hot water heater to work harder. Plus, the minerals in your pipes can create a breeding ground for bacteria, which would come up with the tap water and could cause health problems. If you think you have hard water, don’t worry too much. You can change the mixture of your water by getting a water softening system for your home.

Talk To Your Plumber

If you have any questions about how your pipes are working, contact Pete Fer & Son Plumbing and Supply Company. We’re here to help you with plumbing repairs and maintenance. If you have hard water and you don’t mind keeping it that way, you will want to make sure you keep up with pipe inspections so you know what’s going on within your pipes. We’ll help answer your questions and take care of any leaks, repairs, or maintenance items you need. We’d be happy to talk to you about hard or soft water issues as well.