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At Pete Fer & Son, we use the latest technology and the most effective techniques to inspect and repair or replace sewer systems with minimal impact on a property. Our methods will not only save a lawn, driveway, and landscaping, but they are faster and less expensive than traditional residential and commercial sewer repair methods.

Signs of a Sewer Problem

If sewer pipes are broken or clogged, you may notice warning signs from various areas of the plumbing system. Here are some to look out for:

No water in your toilet
Gurgling noises coming from your toilet
Sewage backup in your toilet and/or tub
Sinks/showers draining slowly or not at all
A foul odor in your basement or yard

After years of use, sewer lines may have any number of unpleasant issues. Some of the most common include:

Tree root invasion: Roots from trees or plants nearby can invade your sewer pipes through seams and get in the way of water flow.
Clogged/blocked pipe: Grease, hair, and other substances can collect inside pipes and restrict flow.
Crushed/broken pipe: This can cause seepage into your yard.
Low-grade pipes: Sewer pipes made of below-grade materials may corrode or deteriorate.
Repair Methods

We use repair methods that will leave the least amount of disruption to a property. The method we choose will depend on the type and severity of the sewer issue:

Traditional repair: We cut open a trench to access the affected part of the sewer pipe.
Trenchless repair: An innovative new method that saves time and avoids having to dig up ground.
Pipe relining: We use an epoxy material to reline the inside of the pipes. The material molds to the existing interior and creates a smooth inner wall.

If you notice signs of a sewer problem, give us a call to schedule an inspection. We’ll quickly identify the issue and have your sewer system back to normal in no time.