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Whether you can quickly identify the source of a water leak, or you suspect a leak in a place you cannot see, Pete Fer & Son can help. Our water leak plumbers are fast, efficient and can accurately pinpoint hidden leaks and begin repairs immediately.

Why Water Leak Repair Is Important

A water leak doesn’t just cause water bills to skyrocket. It can also contaminate your water supply, promote the growth of harmful mold and bacteria, or lead to damage.

If undetected or ignored, a water leak may lead to more severe problems. It is essential to repair them as soon as possible.

If you notice a water bill increase or any other signs of a water leak, contact us today. Our service technicians are fast, thorough, and can help you quickly solve the issue.

Water Leak Detection

The sources of most leaks are faucets, toilets, showers, or other water appliances. You may also find leaks in the following places:

Walls and ceilings
In basements and drains
Pools and hot tubs
Underneath flooring/concrete
Fountains or irrigation systems
Radiant heat or boiler systems

Some leaks are obvious, such as a dripping faucet or a leak at a toilet base. Others are not as noticeable, but there may be warning signs:

The sound of dripping or running water when nothing is in use or turned on
Wet or discolored areas on floors or walls
Foul smells coming from near a drain or sewer
Warm spots on a floor (especially with concrete flooring)

Sometimes the leak may be located within the pipes below a concrete/slab floor (referred to as a slab leak). These types of leaks occur most commonly within a copper water line.

One of the most identifiable signs of a slab leak is an increasingly high water bill. Other noticeable signs may include:

The sound of running water when nothing is in use or turned on
A hot spot (or multiple spots) on the floor
Cracks in the flooring or walls
Moisture or mold underneath carpets
Wet baseboards
Water Leak Repair

At Pete Fer & Son, we use advanced technology to detect, diagnose, and fix water leaks as soon as possible.

Acoustic leak detection instruments help us pinpoint the leak location so we know exactly where to begin. Then our service technicians can repair the leak efficiently with the least possible damage and waste.

For slab leak repair, the approach we take depends on the severity of the issue. We can perform a repair in one of three ways:

Spot Repair: Typically used for smaller leaks or newer construction, this method involves creating a small opening and repairing the leak.

Repiping/Rerouting: If your system is old or has frequent issues, we may need to replace the entire line.

Epoxy Pipe Coating: If it proves too difficult to dig up the concrete slab or the system has multiple leaks, we can apply a coating to the inside of the pipe for a cost-effective repair.

Our expert water leak plumbers are here for you 24/7. Contact us to schedule an immediate repair.