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Why Cleaning Your Drains is Important

We often take air conditioners for granted – until they stop working on a sweltering day and we’re left sweaty and uncomfortable. Fortunately, if something does go wrong, we’re here to help with residential and commercial AC repair!

Common Air Conditioner Problems

An air conditioner has many complicated parts, and if any one of them stops working properly, you could have an issue. Here are some of the typical problems we see:

Refrigerant Leaks: When the refrigerant is low, either due to a leak or improper installation, an air conditioner will not work as efficiently as it should.
Drainage Issue: This is most common when it is humid outside or if the AC unit is not level.
Inadequate Maintenance: If the AC unit is dirty and has been ignored, it can begin to malfunction sooner than it should.
Electric Control Failure: Wires can become faulty due to corrosion, especially when the AC unit is frequently turned on and off.
Signs of a Faulty or Broken Air Conditioner

The most obvious sign that an AC unit is having a problem is a lack of cool air. However, there may be other signs as well:

Weakened airflow
Excessive noise
Water leaks
Inaccurate thermostat
Odd smells
Repairing An Air Conditioning Unit

With air conditioning units, when one component fails, the entire unit can fail. Our certified technicians can help diagnose the root of the problem and suggest repair options.

AC Compressor Repair
AC Condenser Repair
Commercial Rooftop Unit Repair

If you’re having trouble with your AC unit, schedule an appointment with us. We’ll send one of our experienced HVAC technicians to diagnose and repair the problem so you can remain cool.