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A furnace is made up of many unique parts, and if any one of them stops working, it could mean big problems for the entire unit. Our HVAC technicians have decades of experience identifying and repairing faulty furnaces.

Signs of a Broken/Faulty Furnace

The most obvious sign of a broken or malfunctioning furnace is a lack of heat. In that case, the thermostat may be broken, the pilot light could not be working correctly, or the ducts are leaking.

Here are some other signs that indicate an issue:

You hear strange noises. Banging or whining noises may indicate a problem with the furnace belt, ignition, or another faulty component.
Your energy bills are increasingly high. If your usage has remained the same, but your energy bills keep going up, it could mean your furnace is not working properly.
The furnace does not stay on for long. Or it may have trouble turning on and getting started. These symptoms could indicate a problem with the thermostat, pilot light, fan motor, or wiring.
The pilot light is yellow. It should ideally be burning blue. A yellow flame means the combination of gases within the furnace is not good. The furnace may be producing dangerous carbon monoxide.
Your air quality has decreased. If you or others begin experiencing trouble with allergies or other breathing-related problems, it could be caused by the furnace spreading irritants into the air.

Contact us when you need commercial furnace repair. One of our certified HVAC technicians will have it working great again in no time. We’re also available 24/7 to respond in an emergency.