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For over 50 years, we’ve been the South Bay’s trusted team for industrial plumbing services. Our well-qualified specialists are experts in pipe installation, maintenance, and repairs within commercial buildings and properties.

Pipe Services

When your building or property’s pipes are damaged, clogged, or broken beyond repair, we can take care of the issue and restore them quickly. From installing brand new pipe systems to diagnosing, repairing, and cleaning existing lines, our experts can help.

Sewer Services

We use specialized video tools to inspect sewer lines to locate and identify problems within a system accurately. There is minimal impact on a property, and we can quickly identify and recommend solutions.

At Pete Fer & Sons, we understand the unique needs of commercial projects. Our goal is always to address issues as soon as possible to minimize business interruptions.

Our service technicians are fast, efficient, and reliable. When you call us for your industrial plumbing needs, we arrive promptly and ready to take on the work at hand. And no matter what the project, we always provide high-quality service at a great price.