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Your Plumber Knows Why The Sink Is Clogged

Your Plumber Knows Why The Sink Is Clogged

Utilize A Plumber’s Knowledge To Get Answers

Are you a plumber? Assuming the answer is no, you may not have any idea why your kitchen sink keeps getting clogged. Since you rely on that sink on a daily basis, when the water doesn’t drain quickly enough, it can be quite a nuisance. Even if you don’t know what you’re doing wrong or what’s going on, your plumber does. Take a look at these three reasons for sink issues and then call your plumber for confirmation.

Reason 1: Broken And Inefficient Garbage Disposal

Many kitchen sinks have garbage disposals attached, but those disposals aren’t meant for leftover steak complete with the bones. If your sink is backing up, the garbage disposal may need repairs or it might not be able to take what you are putting in it. Check with your plumber and see what type of garbage disposal you have and get tips on what it can and cannot handle. If the garbage disposal is the issue, a quick lesson or fix might take care of the issue.

Reason 2: Clogged Pipes Below The Sink

Kitchen pipes can easily get clogged, even if all you do is rinse small things from dishes down the drain. There are plenty of things you want to avoid putting down kitchen drains and it’s a good idea to ask your plumber for details on those items. You shouldn’t, for example, place any type of grease down the drain as it can cool and harden, causing a clog. There are lots of foods that stick to the pipes and can be difficult to clear. Once you know what those foods are, you will less likely have further clogs in the future.

Reason 3: A Clogged Sewer System

If your kitchen sink isn’t the only sink in the house that is having draining issues, you might have a sewer issue rather than simply a clogged drain. You might notice that the sinks drain slowly and there is a weird smell coming from various drains. If you get those signs, call a plumber right away. The last thing you want is for whatever’s in the sewer to back up through any of the pipes in your home.

What Your Plumber Can Do

When you have a kitchen sink draining slowly, your plumber can come to your home and answer all of your questions. First, they will take a look at the sink and diagnose the issue. It may be something simple that can require a quick drain cleaning. After that, they can let you know what you should and shouldn’t put down the drain so you can prevent the issue from occurring again. The problem, of course, could also be larger, but your plumber will be able to figure it out and get you the best course of action as well. Your plumber is there not only to fix your sink problem, but also to answer your questions about any plumbing issue in general. Use their expertise to your advantage while they are there and figure out how to maintain your plumbing to prevent a return visit any time soon.