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Why the Water Heater is so Important to Plumbing

Why the Water Heater is so Important to Plumbing

Your Water Heater, Your Life

Whether we realize it or not, we undervalue having easy access to hot water. Hot water is something that we rely on, and yet, we tend to take it for granted. Without hot water, we could actually be at risk for certain diseases, and we are vulnerable to the bacteria that can’t tolerate hot water. Though hot water has its own risks, it is still one of the most valuable assets in our plumbing. When your water heater fails to produce hot water, or doesn’t produce enough hot water, this is not only frustrating, but also compromises your home’s livability. Hot water is a minimum standard of living in the United States, and everyone deserves clean, hot water for everything that needs to be done around their home, and for their own personal hygiene and health.

Hot Water for Showers

Though hot water can open pores, allowing for bacteria to enter, much of it is destroyed by the hot water itself. Hot showers, be they in the morning, or at night, are a means of personal hygiene, which, in turn, will affect the health of an individual, and others residing with the individual. When your water heater sends hot water through the plumbing, it is possible for some of the hidden debris in your shower head, but this will help you later. Hot water for showers aren’t simply for reasons of personal hygiene – everyone loves a few minutes under a stream of warm water, or hot water, if more heat is better. Hot water is used in hydrotherapy to massage muscles. Using warm water to massage increases circulation all over the body, which helps the blood bring nutrients to different parts of the body. Increased circulation is good for a healthy sleep cycle, and overall better health.

Hot Water for Baths, Preferably with Jets for Hydrotherapy

Just as is the case in a hot shower, a hot bath is a therapeutic tool for relaxing, hygiene, and overall health. Bathwater isn’t desireable to everyone; however, it is a more eco-friendly way of bathing. Showers can cost hundreds of gallons of water more than baths, and showers will run for longer than baths, too. Your plumbing thanks you when you choose a bath over a shower. If you have a tub with jets, you are truly taking advantage of your plumbing, and your time in your bathtub. You’ve got more reasons than not to make sure that your bathtub is equipped to get you clean, relax you, and make your plumbing worthwhile.

Hot Water for Disinfecting Dishes and Floors

Keeping your home clean of dirt and harmful bacteria is just as important as keeping your body clean. A clean home is better able to keep you safe and healthy, too. While disinfectants will also work in cold water, adding them to hot water straight out of your plumbing is the sure way to make sure that you’re killing everything that can make you or your loved ones sick. Don’t think your water heater doesn’t work for you, and call your local plumber to take care of it.