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What A Plumbing Company Inspection Consists Of

What A Plumbing Company Inspection Consists Of

Get Peace Of Mind With A Plumbing Company Inspection

Whether you are building a new house, buying an older home, or you have lived where you are for many years, having a plumbing company come over to look at your plumbing is never a bad idea. You don’t want to pay for a big repair later that could have been prevented, right? And if you have ignored your plumbing for a while, it’s good to know that you have everything lined up well to operate, as it should. Here’s what you can expect a plumber to go over when you have an evaluation.

Check Out Those Fixtures

Any plumbing company will go through every plumbing fixture and thoroughly test them for any operations problems they may have. If they leak, they will notice. If they were improperly installed, they can point that out as well. There are unique tests that they can do to accessible plumbing areas while they also evaluate how well the fixtures are draining so they can check in on the sewer system operation as well.

Peek Down The Drains

Plumbers are also very interested in drains and how well they are operating. Water comes out from certain areas, but it needs to go away in other areas. They will inspect the interior and exterior of the drain systems to see if there are any clogs or blockages. They will also run water down the drains to see how fast it disappears.

Go Over The Water Heater

The water heater is an integral part of any plumbing system and it’s not something that you want to maintain on your own. When you have a plumbing company inspect your home, they will spend some time with the water heater. There might be a sedimentary build up in the heater that can affect the rest of the house. They may need to flush the heater out to remedy that problem. They will also check for cracks and other things that could lead to leaks in the future.

Observe The Pipes

As you know, a big part of any plumbing system is the pipes that run the water from place to place. The plumber who comes in to check things over will go through the pipes bit by bit to ensure they are secure and in working order. There shouldn’t be any leaks and if there are, the plumber will catch them.

Your Plumbing Company Can Show You How To Shut It Down

If you don’t know much about your home’s plumbing, or plumbing in general, you will want to know at least one thing. And that’s where the main water shut off is located. If anything ever happens (like a pipe bursts) and you need to shut the water to your home off fast, you need to know where this valve is. The plumbing company can take you to the water shut off and show you how it operates when they do their evaluation so you are protected from larger emergencies in the future.