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Undervalued Plumbers

Undervalued Plumbers

The Plumbers of the World are Appreciated

When we think of plumbers, we think of people who come to our homes to fix the toilet. Plumber do that, absolutely, but so much more, and so many more places than just our homes. It’s understandable, though, that we first think of home as the first place that plumbers go – it’s a place that we spend copious amounts of time, and a place on whose plumbing we rely on the most. Your home’s plumbing can be a huge hassle, taking time out of your schedule to wait for a plumber, and making your home a difficult place to live. Without plumbers, it wouldn’t just be our homes that cause these frustrations, but the places that we go to enjoy ourselves, too! If you haven’t thanked a plumber, just think of all of the places they’ve been.


You’re out in the park, having a good time. It’s a warm day, so you’ve been careful to have plenty of water, and as a result, you’ve got to go to the bathroom. This is good, as it means you’ve done good with taking in enough water. Making your way there, taking your time, and moving on, you probably aren’t thinking about how great it is that you have toilets that work, and water that runs so that you can wash your hands, but if you have plumbing in a park, thank plumber! Whether they helped to build the system, or they maintain it, parks are places that many, many people visit, everyday, and they can have their fair share of problems. Imagine that you’re camping, and you haven’t showered in days. Thanks to a plumber, there will be a nice, hot shower waiting for you at the camper’s center. It’s a great day to have a plumber!

Train Stations

New York is a beautiful, bustling place that has an extensive subway that takes more than half of the residents to and from work, and around on their errands. Most every stop has a place that you can make your pit stop, and plumbers are the ones you can thank when your pit stop is quick and efficient. Though there are dozens of wonderful people that work at each station to ensure that everything is functional, and clean, plumbers have the special tasks of making bathrooms a reliable place for anyone needs a little break.


What would schools be like without plumbing? In some extremely isolated areas, some public-use buildings still don’t have indoor plumbing, and this is a difficult inconvenience for a child that is trying to get their education. Plumbers are again the heroes when they fix the plumbing in schools. Not only are the kids relieved, but the teachers are, too.


The first time you saw The Merchant of Venice, it was a magical night, but you’ll never forget the line to the men’s room during the intermission! Now, imagine if one of the toilets had clogged, and what a nightmare that could have been. Plumbers maintain and check plumbing in theaters, churches, and shopping malls, so that you can sing along with Figaro, and have a great evening out!