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Two Sinks Or One?

Two Sinks Or One?

Think Your Kitchen Remodeling Through. Two Sinks Or One?

When you are hiring a plumber to help with your kitchen remodeling project, you want to make sure you have everything in place before the plumber starts the process. Kitchen remodels can be a big chore, but once the process is complete, it can be a complete joy. A new kitchen can improve your experience cooking and in many other areas. But not every homeowner will think of every detail and often, the sink gets overlooked. Before you begin remodeling, think through all of the options. Do you want or need a second sink? There are many reasons it can be functional for any kitchen space.

One Food Sink, One Scrub Sink

The kitchen sink is often one of the dirtiest places in a home. Even if you scrub the sink between uses, it probably never gets fully clean. You do a lot of things in that sink! You wash dirty dishes, fruits and vegetables, thaw meat, and the list goes on. With a second sink, you could separate the chores and have a better workflow. You could use one sink for dirty dishes and the other for cleaning fruit. That will keep the sinks separate and more sanitary.

New Sink Locations

While you may appreciate where your current sink is placed, you could choose a new location for a second sink. There’s no reason both sinks have to be in the same location and they don’t have to look the same, either. If you have large pots and pans you clean, a deep, wide sink could be easier for such a job. Your prep sink, on the other hand, could be smaller to give you more counter space around it. The location of each sink is best left up to whoever designs the kitchen, but your plumber can weigh-in as well. And, of course, you will have plenty of say in the matter. Here are a few options:

Choose A View

If you have a window that looks out over a nice backyard, you might want to place a sink under that window so you can look at the scenery when you are washing dishes or preparing food.

Bar Area

If you have a drink prep area in the kitchen, it might be nice to have a wet bar with a small sink available to wash the glasses that will accumulate in that area.

Baking Station

If you love to bake, a little corner of the kitchen with counter space for cookie sheets and rolling dough is ideal. Making it even better, a small sink for rinsing hands is perfection.

Talk To Your Plumber

Before you get too excited about the second sink idea, speak with a plumber about locating the sink. Anything is possible, but you will want to fit the addition into your remodeling budget and the flow of the project.