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Top 5 Red Flags When Hiring A Plumber

Top 5 Red Flags When Hiring A Plumber

5 Red Flags That Help You Avoid Bad Plumbers

Hiring a plumber to fix a plumbing issue you’re having in your home is a big decision. You want someone who is going to do the job right. But one problem that arises when people look for a plumber is that the average homeowner doesn’t have a lot of knowledge about plumbing or plumbing problems. This can create an issue where you get overcharged or you have shoddy work done that only creates bigger problems down the road. Here are a few red flags you should be aware of when shopping for a plumber.

Red Flag 1: The Plumber Is Pushy

No one likes pushy people, and you probably like them even less when you’re looking for someone during an emergency plumbing situation. Any plumbing company that employs pushy sales tactics is questionable. The work of a plumber should sell itself; there’s no need to resort to pushy tactics to get you to pay for more work than you need. Choose someone straightforward who is looking to solve the problem you’re having now.

Red Flag 2: The Plumber Lacks References

Companies that do good work want to tell the world about it. For local plumbers, glowing reviews are worth their weight in gold and are the basis of a good business that is trustworthy. Anyone not willing to share their credentials or references is questionable. Flashy or big accolades aren’t a requirement, but solid references are. This is one thing that can weed out the good plumbers from the bad and is something you should spend energy exploring to make sure you’re getting quality work done.

Red Flag 3: They Don’t Have A License Or Insurance

Make sure, when hiring a plumber, that you ask for proof of a plumbing license and insurance. People assume that a person working in the business must have these things, but it’s not always the case. If they aren’t licensed or insured properly, then you may find yourself on the hook for costs down the road you had no idea of, such as damage to the plumbing company’s equipment or the plumber themselves. You don’t want that!

Red Flag 4: Giving An Estimate Before Understanding The Job

Any plumber who gives you an estimate for work without fully understanding the job should probably not get hired. Giving you an idea of how much it may cost is different from giving you an official estimate over the phone. Reputable plumbers may know how much a job such as yours typically costs, but generally they’ll want to see the problem before giving you an estimate. This protects both you and the plumber, so one of you doesn’t get stuck with costs at the end of the job.

Red Flag 5: The Price Is Too Good To Be True

A low price may pleasantly surprise you, but plumbing is an area where you get what you pay for! Competent professionals who know what they’re doing will give you a reasonable cost for the job. Hiring someone on the cheap may mean you’re hiring someone with little experience.

Hiring a new plumber can be a gamble, but these red flags should help you to spot potential problems with a local plumber so you can find someone to get the job done right.