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Toilet Repair And Unclogging Methods

Toilet Repair And Unclogging Methods

Toilet Repair For Clogging Issues

When was the last time your toilet clogged up and you thought, “Oh good! Perfect timing!” Never. Toilets never clog when it’s convenient. And that’s because it’s never convenient to have to deal with toilet repair. Whether you’re running late for an appointment or you have guests coming over, your toilet clog is never going to occur at an optimal time. So when it does happen, it’s best to know how to deal with it quickly and efficiently.

Have The Perfect Plunger On Hand

There are two basic kinds of plungers on the market. The regular plunger has a flat bottom and a bell shape. Invest a few dollars in a plunger that has a flange on the bottom. This is called a ball plunger. It has the same bell shape but has a bottom contour that fits inside the toilet bowl to make a vacuum seal and clear things out with more ease.

Learn How To Use It

If you have a plunger, you probably think it’s relatively easy to use and it is, but you’ll want to do it right when dealing with a clog to minimize your chance of overflowing the toilet. You will want to slowly place the plunger into the bowl instead of forcing it in and allow water to spill over. Let the air bubble out from the plunger as it goes into the water. Then, put it firmly over the opening and form a seal so you can push the blockage through the pipes. You will next firmly plunge several times to push the clog out of the way. Once the clog moves through, you will see the water level fall. Once the clog is through, fill a pitcher with water and pour it into the toilet slowly. If the water goes down, the clog is gone and you can flush again. If it doesn’t, you might want to try plunging again.

Calling For Toilet Repair

Plunging is something that often helps when you have a toilet clog. If you can’t get the water to drain, even after plunging, or if you plunge and the water falls, but won’t fall again when you dump fresh water in, the clog may have just moved a little deeper. Call a plumber for toilet repair any time your plunging efforts aren’t working so you don’t end up with a real mess on your hands. Your toilet is an essential bathroom fixture and you want it to work at all times. It’s best to call a professional and schedule an appointment instead of making a mess of the situation yourself.

Finding The Right Toilet Repair Company

There are many plumbers out there that can help you with toilet repair, but when you call Pete Fer & Son Plumbing and Supply Co, you can get plumbers on-site for emergencies as well. Toilet clogs can quickly become emergencies if the clog starts to back up into the bathroom. Shut the main water off to your house and call for a plumber right away for toilet repair.