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Tips From A Plumber On Faucet Replacement

Tips From A Plumber On Faucet Replacement

Questions To Ask Before Replacing Your Home’s Faucets

When it comes to the fixtures in your home, you always want to consider the quality of what it is you’re buying. Or, at least, that’s what your plumber would do! If you’re looking at changing out any of the faucets in your home, then you need to know a few things about what it is you’re looking for. Here are some questions to ask yourself to help make the process easier.

Are Parts Easy To Find?

First and foremost, forget about price for just a bit. Of course, you want to stick within a budget, but there are some very important qualities to look for in a faucet that goes beyond how much it costs. One of those things is the ease of finding replacement parts for repair. Every single faucet you ever buy will eventually need a replacement part—it’s nearly inevitable. You simply need to remember that even though the parts aren’t available everywhere, you must find them at established retailers both online and in-store. If you can’t find replacements parts for a faucet you’re considering, then move on and find something else.

Who Makes It?

So you’ve found a faucet that’s amazing and fits in with the rest of the fixtures in your space, but it’s manufactured by a company you’ve never heard of. Not a big deal, right? Wrong! It is a big deal because if the manufacturer isn’t an established brand, that can cause you problems down the road. If you can’t find out who manufactured the faucet, that’s even worse. Your plumber would definitely tell you to walk away and find something better so you know you’re covered in the future if problems arise.

What Is It Made Of?

Brass is the historical metal of choice for many faucets, but it’s not all you can find out there. Changes in laws surrounding lead content have made stainless steel pretty popular in the last few years. Some manufacturers are even starting to line their products with plastic. Make sure you know exactly what it is you’re buying, not just what it looks like from the outside.

Does It Meet Area Regulations?

This is something your plumber would definitely consider! Some areas have regulations governing water use and lead content—and they’re constantly changing. So that means that any new faucets you install must comply with any criteria in your area. Be sure you know what you need and what you’re actually getting so you don’t waste your money or your time.

Is There A Warranty?

Many inexpensive faucets come with a very limited warranty or none at all, while some very expensive faucets have warranty requirements that basically make them useless. Read the fine print of any warranty for the faucet you wish to buy to find out if it’s reasonable and easy to understand. A great warranty on products in invaluable, especially if you have water quality issues or want designer faucets with fancy finishes.

You can think like your plumber when it comes to buying new faucets for your bathroom with these guidelines. But don’t forget, if you have questions, your plumber is just one phone call away!