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The Multi-Faceted Plumber

The Multi-Faceted Plumber

Your Plumber Knows The Way Around Pipes

You probably call a plumbing company when you have a toilet that’s acting up or a pipe that’s leaking, right? But there are so many other things that plumbers do! They know a lot of things you never think over and they service areas beyond your imagination. Take a look at how plumbers can truly do something different every day of the week.

Service Commercial Pipes

First thing in the morning, a business might call and notify the plumbing company that they had a clog in their pipes. The plumber rushes right over and unclogs the pipe. Perhaps they had to re-pipe a part of the business in order to take care of the issue. Whatever the cause, they restored the pipes to their working order quickly.

Install A New Water Heater

Not only can a plumber help you maintain your water heater, but when it needs to be replaced, they can help with that as well. Whether you want a regular water heater or a tankless version, they can go over the pros and cons with you and then take care of the installation for you.

Address A Burst Pipe

When a pipe bursts, homes or businesses need a plumbing company to address the problems right away. That means a plumber is on call at all times. It could be the middle of the night or over the weekend and they would come to help you out. Plumbing emergencies never pick convenient times and if you want to avoid things from getting worse, call the plumber for help.

Ask A Plumber To Consult On A Bathroom Remodeling Project

Perhaps your plumber gets a break from plumbing and instead gets to look at how to reformulate the plumbing in a bathroom remodeling project. If any of the plumbing fixtures are going to move during the project, the plumber will have to be the first person on the job before any other remodeling takes place.

Find A Leak In The Pipes

Sometimes it’s obvious that the faucet is leaking so the plumber knows right where to find the leak. Other times, homeowners might just notice a stain on their ceilings, which can indicate a leak behind the walls. The plumber can inspect all of the pipes, find the leak, and fix it. It’s a bit like detective work, only with water as the culprit.

Plumbers Do It All From Start To Finish

Not every plumber gets the weekend off, either. Keep in mind that plumbing emergencies happen at the worst times and that includes weekends. Plus, some plumbers even work over the weekend because it is more convenient for their customers. These are just a few of the things that the professionals at Pete Fer & Son Plumbing and Supply Co do for homes and businesses around the area. If it has anything to do with plumbing, they have it covered. A plumber never has the same tasks each day!