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Signs That You Need Toilet Repair

Signs That You Need Toilet Repair

Watch Out For Toilet Repair

Depending on how many people live in your house and how often they are home, your toilet likely gets a lot of use. The very last thing you want is for an emergency situation to arise revolving around your toilet. Sure, burst pipes can cause a lot of devastation as well, but an overflowing toilet? It’s worse. So the best thing you can do as the homeowner is figure out what to watch for so you know in advance that your toilet might need repairs. Here are a few signs.

Sign #1: Any Kind Of Leaking

Toilets don’t leak for the fun of it. Any level of leaking around the toilet is a problem. There can be minor leaks, sure, but until they are fixed, they are only going to get worse. Leaks can be from something that takes minor repairs, like a worn-down gasket, or they can stem from something serious like cracks in the porcelain. If you see any leaking, it’s really best not to take any chances and find a plumber to fix the issue.

Sign #2: Weak Flushing

You know what your toilet is like since you use it on a daily basis. If your toilet is starting to need more than one flush to clear away debris, there might be some issues that need toilet repair. It could have something to do with your water pressure or there might be deposits clogging the jets. Either way, get repairs so you don’t waste water or run into an issue that makes things worse.

Sign #3: Gurgling Noises From Other Drains

When you flush your toilet, does the sink gurgle nearby? Or perhaps the drain in the shower? That might not seem like a big deal, but it is a warning sign that the toilet vents might be clogged. Instead of the sewer gas going through the fixtures and out of the house, they are being forced back into your house through other pipes. That’s not an issue you want to live with so call the plumber right away.

Sign #4: Constant Running

When your toilet runs and runs after you flush it, there are a number of easy repairs it could need. But if you ignore them, things get worse and you never know when the running will consist of an overflow of the worst kind. A constantly running fixture is trying to tell you that toilet repair is necessary.

Call For Toilet Repair

You might be able to diagnose the issues your toilet is having on your own, but there could be more to it that you don’t see because of your untrained eye. A professional plumber, however, will fix the surface issue and dig deeper into the problem to make sure whatever caused it is taken care of as well. No one wants a plumbing issue, but no one really wants a toilet issue. To prevent a nasty, major emergency, call Pete Fer & Son Plumbing and Supply Company when you notice any of the above signs that you need toilet repair.