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Should Your Plumber Replace Your Water Heater?

Should Your Plumber Replace Your Water Heater?

On-Demand Hot Water

Hot water isn’t a luxury for most people…it’s part of life that we take for granted…until it’s gone. If you find that you are faced with only cold showers, it’s time to look into the hot water heater and call a plumber. However, before that happens, it might be a good idea to replace the hot water heater so you aren’t faced with cold water to wash dishes and clothing. Predicting when a hot water heater needs to be replaced isn’t always easy, but your local plumber can help. Here are some signs to watch out for before you are faced with freezing showers:

Aging Hot Water Heater

You know nothing lasts forever and, of course, that includes your hot water heater. After years of use, plenty of things can go wrong. Parts can wear out and corrosion can develop. Tanks sometimes crack and give out as well. Ten years is a long, full life for a hot water heater. If you know the age of your hot water heater, you can be proactive about replacing it at the proper time. If you don’t know when your hot water heater was installed, ask your plumber to look it up with the manufacturer so you can find out and confirm its age.

Lack Of Hot Water

One of the first symptoms you will notice when your hot water heater is starting to go is lack of hot water. You may still have some hot water, but it may not be as hot or as much hot water. You run out faster or you never get more than mostly warm water. This could be because something in the hot water heater is failing and perhaps a plumber can just repair or replace that part. It might also mean that you need a new hot water heater. If it happens when the hot water heater is around 10 years old, chances are a replacement is imminent.

Rusty Water

You will want to have your hot water heater checked over by your plumber every year, but if the water starts to come out looking rusty, tank corrosion may be present and the rusty water will present itself as a sign. You can confirm the problem by flushing the water heater tank and checking to see if the water draining is rusty too. If the water heater is indeed rusty on the inside, you will want to replace it before it starts leaking.

Water Leaks

There are a number of things that can cause a water heater to leak, but if there is a leak, you need to address it faster rather than slower. Check the hot water heater for leaks on a regular basis, especially when it is going up in age quickly. Replace it at the earliest sign of a leak before the leak takes over and gets worse. Leaks can cause serious water damage and other issues very quickly and it is easier to replace the water heater with your plumber than deal with dangerous leaks.