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Should Your Plumber Clean The Drains Regularly?

Should Your Plumber Clean The Drains Regularly?

A Plumber’s Routine Drain Cleaning—Good For Your Home

Cleaning your drains regularly is an essential way to keep them working properly as time goes by. Backups and clogs are seriously annoying, but they can also damage your flooring and other items in your home. You would be smart to consult with a plumber for regular maintenance on the drains so you can avoid those issues. You deserve reliable service from your plumbing and you can get that for many years with proper care. Here are a few of the reasons you should have a plumber clean your drains regularly.

You Can Prevent Clogged Toilets

Is there really anything worse that can happen to your plumbing system than a backed up and overflowing toilet? Plumbers have the tools needed to clean your toilet pipes and those tools aren’t readily available for homeowners to have on their own. Drain cleaning solutions can be hazardous to the toilet and can cause risks for other issues. Your plumber, however, can remove clogs and clean the pipes so the toilet flushes freely and won’t get clogged as often in the future. If you think the flushing has gotten sluggish, call your plumber to prevent a messy cleanup and expensive repair.

Protect Your Home Against Bacteria

Drains that are clogged and slow allow water to stay in place for a long time. That can lead to bacteria growth in the lines and can pose a health threat to those who use the water. When you have your plumber clean your drains, free water can flow through the pipes and into the sinks and other areas. You have a much greater protection against bacteria in your homes that will result in a healthier environment.

Never Allow A Malfunctioning Septic System

If you have a septic tank, using harsh chemicals to clean the pipes and get rid of clogs can seriously damage the system. You need a plumber to clean and unclog the pipes and drains so you don’t have to worry about the septic system malfunctioning in any way. You get the support you need for the septic system and you can have peace of mind at the same time.

Calling A Plumber Will Prevent Future Costly Repairs

You want your plumbing to work as it should at all times. And it will if you keep an eye on it and maintain it well. With the help of your plumber and a regular drain cleaning, you don’t have to worry about expensive repairs popping up unexpectedly. Drain cleaning is something you can place on your budget and plan for and then, you don’t have to worry about the big stuff.

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Whether you have a plumbing issue, like a water heater that needs repairs or a leak that needs to be stopped or you just want your drains cleaned, the professionals at Pete Fer & Son Plumbing can help. We’ve been at it for over 50 years and we know just how to treat your plumbing system to ensure everything is in prime condition.