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Questions For Your Plumber During Bathroom Renovations

Questions For Your Plumber During Bathroom Renovations

Bathroom Renovation Questions For Your Plumber

If you’re planning on remodeling or renovating your bathroom soon, then you’ll need a plumber. Improving a bathroom in your home increases your home’s value and can also save you money if you install more water-efficient fixtures. The issue is that remodeling a bathroom is sometimes a complicated process. This little room is probably one of the most technically complex in your home, so here are a few things to run by your plumber before you take the plunge to a new bathroom.

Construction: Do You Need A Permit?

Many cities provide excellent resources to help you decide whether your work will need a permit. But a knowledgeable local plumber can help too. This usually depends on what kind of work you need to do to complete the project. A licensed contractor or even an architect sometimes is required to get things started. Even if you plan on doing some of the work yourself, it’s always a good idea to contact a licensed plumber to talk things through with.

Will The Pipes Need To Be Replaced?

If you live in an older home and will be doing a renovation, the chances are good that new pipes are needed. Corrosion, rust, and shifting earth can disrupt your pipes at connective joints and even damage the pipes themselves. So, while you’re digging up your bathroom and starting over, it’s probably the right time to just go ahead and replace everything. After all, there’s not much sense in doing this work in a few years’ time when you’ve got everything opened up right now anyway.

What Fixtures Can I Afford?

When you upgrade your bathroom, it’s a great opportunity to get more efficient fixtures such as low-flow toilets or showerheads. Even sink faucets can help you use less water! Your project should have a budget, so ask your plumber what fixtures they would recommend that fit into your budget. Remember, a majority of your budget should go toward permanent fixtures in your bathroom since the long-term effect will pay you back as time goes on.

Also ask about the warranty on the fixtures you do buy. Many have 12-month warranties and the better ones will have a five or more year warranty!

Discuss Layout

A bathroom is a functional space. Make sure you discuss with your plumber how you can best use the space you have. They can make suggestions about layout to create a space more functional and accessible for you. A remodeled bathroom can improve the day-to-day life of your family, offering ease of use. So make sure to consult your plumber for ideas on how to make the space more user-friendly for your family!

A bathroom renovation will cost you time and money—plus it’ll be a bit of an inconvenience for a while. But you have to think about what it will save you down the road too. Your time and money mean something, so let your plumber help you to make the most of your bathroom remodel and these questions will put you on the right path!