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Preventing Toilet And Sewer Issues

Preventing Toilet And Sewer Issues

Being Proactive About Toilet Repair

Toilet repair is inconvenient. The last thing you want is to have a toilet issue when you have company coming or when you’re late to an important meeting. But toilets are an important part of any bathroom and they get used a lot. While toilet repair is important, so are sewer line issues. You never know when there might be something wrong below the toilet that is causing the root of the problem. Use these tips to prevent sewer line issues and toilet repair as much as possible.

Don’t Flush Anything But Toilet Paper

It’s handy that the toilet will take things away, but it’s not meant for you to flush anything but waste and toilet paper. Even paper towels and baby wipes can clog things up in the sewer lines and cause you to need toilet and sewer repairs. You can cause a lot of problems when you flush things that weren’t meant to be flushed so make it a house rule that nothing goes down but toilet paper.

Don’t Put Grease Into The Pipes

You can cause sewer line issues in other rooms outside of the bathroom. If you put grease, oil, or other fatty substances down the kitchen drains, the pipes can build up with that oil when it cools down. That causes a blockage really fast and when the water can’t get through there, it might come up other areas instead.

Don’t Plant Items Near Sewer Line

When you are going to do some landscaping, get your yard marked so you know where the sewer line runs in the yard. Then, don’t plant trees, shrubs, or anything else on top of that line. Even though the line runs deep and digging won’t hurt it, you don’t want the roots from those plants to disrupt the lines in the future. Roots can really do a number on sewer lines and cause all sorts of toilet repair issues as well.

Consider A Backwater Prevention Valve

This valve goes into the sewer line and has a drain line that goes into the basement and can prevent sewer backups from occurring. That’s really the last thing you want to happen to your home if you’re going to have any plumbing issue at all. The valve will allow sewage out, but not back in.

Check The Sewer Line On Occasion

One of the best things you can do is invite an expert in toilet repair to your home to check the entire plumbing system, especially the sewer line, on occasion. They will be able to recognize small problems in the making that can add up to something much larger in the future. Fixing small toilet repair and sewer issues is much cheaper than waiting for a huge break to occur.

Getting The Best Toilet Repair Plumber

Many plumbers can fix toilets, but Pete Fer & Son Plumbing and Supply Co has experts in the field. Give us a call for emergency toilet repair and sewer situations or call us for an inspection of your plumbing system.