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Plumbing Dos And Don’ts

Plumbing Dos And Don’ts

How To Treat Your Plumbing

Plumbing is something you probably often ignore within your house—until something goes wrong. Homeowners don’t always realize that a little maintenance and a few rules can go a long way to prevent big expenses. Here are a few plumbing dos and don’ts that can keep your home and water running in a seamless manner.

Don’t Pour Fats

You will want to avoid putting cooking oils and fats down your sink drains. This water material can build up in the pipes and harden, causing blockages and backups later.

Do Run Cold Water

When you are using your garbage disposal, you will want to run cold water at full pressure. This helps to flush the chopped up items down the drain and away from the house.

Don’t Pour Hot Water Into The Toilet

If you are trying to sanitize and clean your toilet, there are plenty of ways. But hot water is not a good idea. Toilets weren’t designed for hot water and if you pour it into the bowl, it could crack. Warm water is okay, but boiling hot water is definitely not a good idea.

Do Open The Water Heater Drain

Twice a year, you should open the drain on your water heater to remove any buildup or sediment. This sediment could harden and make your water heater run in a less efficient manner. If it continues to accumulate without any release, it could issue permanent damage to the water heater.

Don’t Dispose Coffee Grounds In The Sink

Don’t put coffee grounds down the sink drain, even if you are running water when you are doing it. Coffee grounds can easily clump together and clog the pipes. It is best to simply throw the grounds away (or compost them) when you are done with them.

Do Pour Boiling Water Down The Shower Drain

Once a month, mark the calendar and pour some boiling water down the tub and shower drains. This water can help break up hair and grease that the showers and tubs see on a regular basis.

Don’t Put Wastebaskets Under Sinks

While it is convenient to put your wastebasket under the sink, bumping the pipes often can cause leaks. Keep items away from the pipes and don’t give yourself a reason to get in and out near them often.

Don’t Put High Fiber Materials In The Disposal

The garbage disposal isn’t built to handle things with tangles and threads like corn husks, onion skins, celery and other such items. The items can thread around the disposal and burn out the motor. Put them in the garbage can instead.

Do Grind Ice

It is a good idea to put a few ice chunks in your garbage disposal from time to time. Grinding up the ice will help to keep the blades sharp so they can handle other things you put down.

Call A Plumber When Necessary

Even if you follow these plumbing rules, you may have to call a plumber for help from time to time. When you see plumbing warning signs, call a professional for help to get them cared for sooner rather than later.