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Plumbing Company Tips to Save Water

Plumbing Company Tips to Save Water

Water Conservation Tips from Your Plumbing Company

It makes sense that you’d like to lower your water bills and with all of the water conservation efforts on the news, you want to do your part. Save water and cut down on daily use by avoiding water wasting practices. While you think of your plumbing company as someone to call when there are issues with your pipes, they also know a lot about water and how to save as much of it as possible. Here are a few tips to help you save water, and money on your utility bills.

Tip 1: Watch The Drains

Drains often get overloaded and clogged. If you have long hair, you might see drain clogs in the shower even more often. If you wait to call a plumber, the situation could get even worse and you might have caused damage to other parts of your property. The water should drain quickly so you will use only what you need.

Tip 2: Inspect For Hidden Leaks

You’re going to notice if there’s water around your toilet or leaking from a faucet. But there could be other leaks in areas that are more hidden to your eyes. It’s a good idea to keep an eye on your water bills so you will see if there’s a spike. That could mean there’s water leaking. Also watch for stains on the walls or ceilings or simply the sound of water. Get regular plumbing inspections to avoid the leaks you can’t see.

Tip 3: Get New Toilets

If you have an older home, your toilets may be taking up a lot of water. Toilet usage generally takes up about 30% of the water bill so if you install toilets that save water, you can reduce how much water you use on a regular basis. Low-flow or water-saving toilets use less water and can help you upgrade the look of your bathrooms at the same time.

Tip 4: Turn Off The Taps

It sounds simple, but many people continue running water even if they aren’t using it. Turn the water off when you are brushing your teeth and back on when you are ready to rinse, for example. Turn the water off when you are soaping up your hands and back on when you are ready to use it. Those little things can help you avoid wasting gallons of water every day.

Tip 5: Call Your Plumbing Company

Any time you notice even a small leak in your home, you are wasting water and money on your utility bills. It’s in your best interest to call your Plumbing Company to fix the small issues. Smaller problems often lead to bigger issues later and those can be much more costly and waste a lot of water in the meantime. Get regular plumbing inspections and address anything small right away before it turns into a much bigger deal. The professionals at Pete Fer & Son Plumbing and Supply Co are here to help you with emergencies, small leaks, inspections, and anything in-between.