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Plumbing Company Rules For Clean Drains

Plumbing Company Rules For Clean Drains

Cleans Drains: Advice From Your Plumbing Company

From time to time, all drains slow down or get clogged—it’s just a fact of life. Even your trusty plumbing company has experienced a blocked drain or two! See, your plumbing company knows that the enemy of nearly every drain is hair. The best way to keep the drains from clogging up is to keep hair away. Here’s how you can prepare your bathroom to keep your drain flowing freely.

Get A Mat For Beard Trimming

If any of the people in your household have a beard (they are quite popular these days), then the best defense against clogged drains is a good offense. A beard trimming mat will help in the fight and will probably make the other members of the household happier too!

This tool works by draping over your sink as it’s held to the mirror by two suction cups. The material folds up effortlessly when you’re finished to dispose of beard trimmings properly—nowhere near the sink!

Use A Hair Catcher

A tricky thing about bathroom sink drains is that the stopper protrudes out of the drain when it’s not in use. But if you get a hair catcher called a “water drop hair catcher,” then it makes keeping hair out of the drain pretty easy. It has a perforated, raised center surrounded with a suction cup to hold it in place. It allows water to pass through, but will trap anything else trying to sneak by! It’s simple to remove and empty out into the garbage when you need to as well.

Find The Right Shower Hair Catcher

A shower drain is a place that just can’t seem to escape wayward hair. But you can dodge a blocked shower drain by using a nifty little tool called a shower drain hair catcher. It’s made to catch the hair a few inches beneath the top of the drain. After a couple of months, you pull it out and toss the whole thing. The fact that it’s disposable adds to its appeal since no one wants to spend time removing two months’ worth of hair from a drain. This way, you don’t even have to touch it! It’s a great way to keep your shower drain running smoothly without using harsh chemicals too.

Make Your Own Drain Covers

There is a way you can escape clogged drains that is 100 percent free! Use items found around your home to cover the drain in your shower to collect hair. You can:

  • Place a dryer sheet on the shower drain during showers
  • Place a washcloth on the drain prior to pulling the bath plug

While the tub or shower may drain a bit slower with these suggestions, it’s a lot better than a clogged drain you have to call the plumbing company to fix!

Use A Hair Brush

This is a decidedly low-tech way to go about keeping your drains clean, but you can make a big difference by just brushing your hair before jumping in the shower. That way they end up in the brush instead of in your drain.

Keeping your drains clean, open, and in good shape is a constant battle—but it’s a battle you can win by following these tips. If you have questions, contact your local plumbing company today.