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Plumber Problems: Why is My Kitchen Sink Clogged?

Plumber Problems: Why is My Kitchen Sink Clogged?

We constantly rely on our kitchen sink. If the water is not going down the way that it is supposed to, then it can become an inconvenience. We want to help you get your sink to flow the way that it is supposed to so that you can get back to normal life.

Plumber Problems: 3 Reasons Why Your Sink is Clogged

There are a number of reasons why your kitchen sink could be getting clogged. After our years of work, these tend to be the most common reasons why your kitchen sink could be getting clogged.

1. Inefficient Garbage Disposal

One common issue is that your garbage disposal is not working the way that it should. If the garbage disposal has not been cleaned recently, sometimes food can stick to the blades. This means that they are not grinding up the food the way that they should. You could try to clear your blades of any residue, using the ice-vinegar technique. If this does not work, your garbage disposal is likely broken and you will need to talk to your plumber about repairs.

2. Clogged Pipes

Kitchen pipes can get clogged even if the food passes through the garbage disposal. Some of the biggest culprits of causing kitchen sink clogs are:

  • Bacon grease
  • Banana peels
  • Potato Peels
  • Celery
  • Rice

These foods are not good for your garbage disposal, and they tend to stick to the sides of your pipes and more debris will stick to them. This will create a serious clog within your pipes that will be difficult to clear and will need to be handled by your plumber. Make sure that you pay attention to the foods that you pour down your garbage disposal.

3. Clogged Sewer

If you have noticed that your kitchen sink, as well as other sinks in your home, are becoming clogged, you may have a sewer problem. This is a serious problem that should only be handled by an experienced plumber. Some of the most common signs that your home has a sewer problem are:

  • Slowly Draining Sinks
  • Sewer Backup in Toilets
  • Weird Smells from Plumbing
  • Gurgling Toilets

If you have noticed any of the mentioned signs in your home’s plumbing, you need to call a plumber as soon as possible. Sewer problems can escalate very quickly, so it is important to talk to a plumber when you begin to see problems.

Talking to Your Plumber about Your Kitchen Sink

If your kitchen sink is clogged, you shouldn’t hesitate to call your plumber. Often when homeowners try to fix their own plumbing, they can make the problem worse, leading to more intensive repairs. You should feel comfortable asking your plumber any questions you may have about your garbage disposal and kitchen sink. We can work with you to clear your sink quickly and without any hassle. See the difference that an experienced plumber can make. Talk to us to see how we can keep your garbage disposal and drain working the way they should.

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