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Plumber Or DIY?

Plumber Or DIY?

Hire A Plumber Or Do It Yourself?

Many homeowners will do a little plumbing on their own from time to time. They might install a new shower head or tighten things up on a leaky faucet. These easy projects can be completed quickly. While you might not have the confidence to do larger things, like replace your toilet, you will want to make sure any plumbing job you approach is something you really can do yourself. Sometimes, those jobs are better left up to a licensed plumber and here’s why.

Plumbers Are Licensed

When you attempt to hire a plumber, the first thing you will want to do is ensure that they are fully licensed and insured. Once you determine that they are, you’ll have some peace of mind. You know that they have had the proper training to conduct the fixes you need.

Plumbers Are Insured

If you hire a plumber and something happens to them while they are in your home, the company they work for will cover the costs. If you do your plumbing on your own and injure yourself, no one is covering those costs but you.

Plumbers Have Experience

Have you ever replaced a toilet before? Plumbers have! Plenty of times, in fact. The right plumber will come with years of experience with the very job that you need to have done. They have seen the issue before and know how to handle it. Even if you’re extremely skilled at DIY tasks, plumbing is one thing that you definitely don’t want to mess up.

Plumbers Have Specific Skills

Plumbers go into the industry because they are good with their hands. They have a special skill set that led them through the training process. While you may be good with your hands as well, your skill sets might not be perfectly aligned since you don’t have the proper training.

Plumbers Have Guarantees

If a plumber does a job in your house, they are able to back their work up with a guarantee from their company. If anything goes wrong, they’ll come back and fix it without extra charges to you for the same issue. When you work on the plumbing yourself, what guarantees do you have? None! If something goes wrong, you have to pay to fix it, which can end up costing a lot more than you intended.

Hiring A Plumber

If you are convinced that you really do need the help of a professional plumber now, you need to find the right plumber for the job. Pete Fer & Son is a plumbing company that has been around for over 50 years. We are dedicated and hard working and offer only the highest levels of customer service on every job we do. Since we are a family owned and operated business, we live and work among you. We are part of your community and we have every intention of keeping it that way for many years to come. You can trust your plumbing jobs to us—big or small, we can do it all.