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Our Plumbing Services: Leaks

Our Plumbing Services: Leaks

Thinking of Calling a Plumber to Deal With That Water Leak?

You might be looking at your roof and seeing signs of something dastardly. You might notice that your water bill is triple what it usually is. You might be hearing the sound of dripping water constantly driving you crazy. All of these are signs that there might be a leak in your roof. If gone unchecked, a leak can cause your roof to eventually deteriorate, eventually making it so you’ll have to redo your entire roof. Making sure that you detect and fix leaks early is one of the best ways that you can keep your home value steady. Here are a couple services that plumbers provide when it comes to leaks.

1. Leak Detection

Although you might be seeing the stain from the leak, that doesn’t mean that you know where the leak itself is. Leaks are actually incredibly complex to detect, so you need an experienced plumber that has an understanding of how houses are structured and where leaks usually happen to determine where the leak is actually occurring. When it comes to leaks, this is actually the harder part than fixing the leak itself. Water leak detection is an extremely precise problem to fix, so you need to know what you’re getting yourself into if you want to detect a leak itself. Not sure if you have a leak? Look for foul smelling odors, wet or discolored areas on floors or walls, the sound of dripping water, or warm spots on your floor. If you have any of these, there’s a possibility that you have a leak in your house.

2. Leak Repair

Once the problem is detected, the plumber knows exactly how to take apart the system, or tighten it in order to get rid of the leak. Depending on the cause and location of the leak, prices end up varying quite a bit when it comes to water leak repair. It’s definitely a small price to pay, as if the leak goes unchecked it can end up ruining the value of your entire house. Not only will you experience water damage, but the presence of water also grows both mold and bacteria, most of which can end up weakening the structural integrity of every part of your home that it touches. Much better to just get the leak fixed as soon as you notice it, and you’ll minimize any of the damage that the leak can potentially cause.

Get a Plumber to Fix Your Leaks

Most people don’t realize it, because in books and TV a plumber fixing a leak is as simple as the turn of a wrench. In reality, detecting and fixing a leak is a complex process filled with intimate knowledge of how plumbing systems work, and how houses are structured. If you don’t have a ton of plumbing knowledge, it’s going to be extremely difficult for you to detect and fix a leak on your own. Better to leave it to the professionals and get your leaks fixed as soon as possible.