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Life Before Indoor Plumbing

Life Before Indoor Plumbing

Taking Plumbing For Granted

There are things you do on a daily basis that you don’t even think about. You take a shower, for example, without being grateful for the water coming from the showerhead. You use the toilet, wash the dishes, and so forth. Do you ever stop to wonder what life was like before indoor plumbing? Well, it wasn’t easy! At Pete Fer & Son, we want to take you back in time so you can understand just how much plumbing has changed today.

Getting Water Inside

Today, if you need water, you turn on a faucet. It’s as simple as that. But before indoor plumbing, water had to be hauled into the house by hand. Those with money could have someone do that for them. Otherwise, a homeowner or a child had to go fetch the water by the bucketful from a public fountain, well, or pond.

Toilet Use

There were many different ways to use the toilet before indoor plumbing. Some homes would have a chamber pot that could be used and then emptied later. Others build outhouses that didn’t flush, but at least the smell stayed outside of the home. Nowadays, all we have to do is use the toilet inside our homes and then flush the waste away.


Bathing by fully immersing in water was labor intensive before indoor plumbing because the water had to be hauled into the home and then sometimes heated for comfort. People still had to bathe, of course, but they would generally use a pitcher, washbasin, and washcloth. No one really ever showered and hair washing was very rare. Women cleaned their hair by brushing to get rid of dirt and oil and then they washed the hairbrush. This is hard to imagine when you get out of a long shower, feeling squeaky clean from head to toe on a daily basis.

Appreciate Your Plumbing

Now that you think about how much harder life was before indoor plumbing, you may appreciate your plumbing even more than before. What can you do to show appreciation? Well, simply spend time with your plumbing. That doesn’t mean you have to sit and talk to your pipes on a daily basis, but do take notice of what they are going through from time to time. Maintain the pipes and the plumbing system and have a plumber inspect your system every year or so to make sure everything is okay. These little things will help you prevent big problems in the future.

Calling A Plumber Is Easy

Using your plumbing inside your cozy house is easier now than ever before. But when something goes wrong, calling a plumber is easy as well. You simply need to know who to call. At Pete Fer & Son, we are the obvious choice. We’re a family owned and operated business and we’ll treat your plumbing system with the quality services it deserves.