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Keeping The Plumbing Company At Bay

Keeping The Plumbing Company At Bay

Avoiding Plumbing Company Expenses

Any time you have to call a plumbing company to your home, there will be extra expenses. You may not have expected these expenses and they can be hard while you are on a budget. As a homeowner, there are things you can do in order to avoid expensive plumbing company expenses and emergency situations. No one wants repairs if they can avoid them. Do what you can to maintain your plumbing and avoid plumbing company visits as much as possible. Here are a few ways to help you get on task with maintenance:

Change Filters

One of the biggest things you should do to maintain your plumbing is change the filters in your HVAC system. Dirt can build up in an HVAC system easily if you don’t change the filters and can cause the whole system to shut down. Protect the system, avoid calling a plumber to replace the entire unit, and just change the filters every month! It is a good idea to have a plumber come check the HVAC unit yearly but that won’t turn into an expensive visit and can prevent bigger issues later. Plus, it’ll keep your HVAC system in working order.

Fix Leaks Right Away

If you see a leak in your pipes, get it fixed right away! Leaks can get worse and any water can cause damage and mold growth if left alone. In the long run, it can affect the structural integrity of your home, which you never want to compromise. If you see a leak, get it fixed and avoid the huge plumbing company expenses later.

Insulate Pipes

If you live somewhere cold, insulating your pipes will help your plumbing system run much better than it would otherwise. If the system gets too cold, it can stop or at least slow down, which leads to a pricey visit from the plumbing company. You don’t want to have to pay emergency fees so make sure your pipes do not freeze up and leave you hanging.

Careful Flushing

In order to keep your toilet in working order, all you really need to do is be careful with what you flush. Make a house rule that you will flush only toilet paper and not paper towels, baby wipes, or anything else. The toilet isn’t meant to handle anything and everything and the more you flush, the more likely you are to have something get stuck in a pipe and cause a back up. Backing up your toilet is the last thing you want since it can result in a costly plumbing company visit as well.

Repairs And Maintenance

Whether you need a small or large repair or assistance with plumbing maintenance, contact Pete Fer & Son Plumbing And Supply Co. We’re South Bay’s trusted source for plumbing, heating and air conditioning services. We’ve been around since 1962 and have kept our homeowners comfortable with our personal attention and honest, comprehensive services. We don’t want you to have a visit from a plumbing company like us any more often than necessary!