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HVAC Services With A Plumbing Company

HVAC Services With A Plumbing Company

Bundling Services Together For Convenience

Isn’t it convenient when you can bundle services together? You can pay just one bill for your TV, phone, and internet, for example. It just makes your life easier! Isn’t it nice when you can call just one company for a variety of services? A company you already know and trust? That’s the case when you work with Pete Fer & Son Plumbing and Supply Company. We do so many different things that no matter what you need, you can give us a call! Here are just a few examples:

HVAC Services

We have been serving South Bay homes with HVAC services since 1962. All of our technicians are licensed, insured, and can install, repair, and maintain HVAC systems. Our high-quality services are guaranteed and you always get competitive prices in every area.

Air Conditioning Services

We want to make sure you are cool all summer long. Summer heat waves can last well into the fall and it’s never too late to get a maintenance service on your air conditioning.

Heating Services

Once the winter hits, you want to be able to stave off the chill. We can install, repair, or run preventative maintenance on your system at any time.

Furnace Services

If you have oil, gas, or electric furnaces in your home, we can handle any service you need.

Air Balancing

Sometimes all you need is a good balance to improve the overall efficiency of your HVAC system and your indoor air. We can take care of that for you.

Refrigerant Leak Detection

Refrigerants can be harmful to you and your home so we will use a variety of methods to search for the leaks and fix them as well.

Plumbing Services

As our name indicates, we offer a wide range of plumbing services as well. As a plumbing company that has been in business for 50 years, we are dedicated to handling any project from large to small. Here are just a few of the things we cover:

Water Heating Services

You want hot water for your shower and you need it for the laundry. We can make sure you never go without it.

Washer And Dryer Services

When you get a new washer and dryer, we can hook it up for you. If you have problems with your old set, we’ll take a look at that too!

Emergency Plumbing

If you have a plumbing emergency like a burst pipe or any other issue, we are willing to take a look, 24/7, any day of the year.

Bathroom Remodeling

We are here to help you turn your bathroom into a high quality and efficient space.

Regular Plumbing

We’ll take care of toilet repair, disposal issues, drain cleaning, and all of the normal plumbing problems.

And So Much More!

Pete Fer & Son Plumbing and Supply Co does even more than the above items. All you have to do is give us a call and we’ll take care of it all!