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How HVAC Maintenance Correlates With Energy Use

How HVAC Maintenance Correlates With Energy Use

HVAC Maintenance Can Help Your Energy Bill

It’s not something that many people think about, but HVAC maintenance is something that can substantially affect your electric bill. How much electricity that your HVAC uses depends on how smoothly you give it the ability to run, which is largely a function of its efficiency. Regular maintenance basically exists to keep your HVAC sharp and running as efficiently as possible. Want to know how HVAC maintenance can positively affect your electricity bill and reduce your carbon footprint? Here are three ways.

1. Cleaned Out Vents

Dust, dirt, and mold builds up in your air conditioning unit over the life of the device. When that dust, dirt, and mold builds up, your machine begins to slow down because air flow is being blocked. In order to compensate for this, your air conditioner starts working even harder to make sure that the temperature gets down to where you want for it to be. By utilizing regularly scheduled maintenance on your air conditioner, that dust, dirt, and mold gets regularly cleaned out of your system, making the entire system run more efficiently and lowering your electric bill. Maintenance is also important because if you’re not getting that dust, dirt, and mold out of your system, it’s going to be constantly cycled through your air, which can cause a variety of illnesses and ailments for your family. Maintenance is partly a function of simply keeping your HVAC as clean as possible.

2. Dirty Coils

The coils that transfer heat within your system are affected substantially by dirt. The inability to keep them clean will result in these coils having the inability to transfer heat, which will make your HVAC work harder than ever to get the room temperature to where you want for it to be. In order to keep your coils clean, you need at least an annual tune up where they can be cleaned. In addition to that, changing your air filter on a monthly basis is going to improve the overall efficiency, as less dust, dirt, and mold will end up reaching the coils.

3. Reasonable Temperature Changes

Keeping your HVAC constricted to only performing reasonable temperature changes in your home is going to keep it as efficient as it possibly can be. Although this one doesn’t have to do directly with maintenance, it is important for you to keep your HVAC running at energy levels that won’t cause for it to break down and need air conditioning repair before a reputable HVAC company can perform maintenance. That’s why you need to make sure that you don’t try to take the temperature down from 110 to 50 degrees every time that you want a chilly home.

Get Regular HVAC Maintenance

Not only is it going to make the airflow in your home much healthier for you and your family, but it’s also going to reduce your electricity bill substantially. When you use less energy, you can be proud of the fact that you’re not leaving the deep energy footprint that most other people on Earth are leaving. Make sure that you get HVAC services regularly so that your air conditioner keeps running as efficiently as possible.

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