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How Does A Plumbing Company Hire Plumbers?

How Does A Plumbing Company Hire Plumbers?

A Plumbing Company’s Trusted Plumbers

When you call to have a plumber come into your house, you might wonder who the plumbing company is are going to send. Are they qualified? How did they get hired with the company in the first place? We can’t answer those questions for every plumbing company, but you can rest assured that with Pete Fer & Son, we are very careful about our hiring process. Here are a few things we look for in candidates.

Communication Skills

Plumbers have to go into your home, understand the issues you lay out for them, find problems, and then describe things to you. We want our plumbers to have the knowledge and technical terms, but we also want them to be able to break things down in a way you can understand. At the same time, they need to be friendly about the entire situation so you are comfortable having them in your home.

Detailed Apprenticeships

We want to know that these plumbers have the experience in the industry before hiring them. Even if they haven’t had a job as a master plumber before, their apprenticeship can tell us a lot. They have to have a 4-year apprenticeship and we want to hear details about the jobs they’ve had before. Those might include residential, commercial jobs, or even both. We’ll get into the nitty-gritty because we want to know if they can handle the types of jobs we have lined up.

Dedication In Their Work

We only want to hire people who are dedicated to working hard for a plumbing company. If a plumber is just doing a job because it’s a job, we don’t want them. We want someone who enjoys what they do and will go the extra mile for their customers. That kind of dedication reflects on who we are as a company and how we view our customers.


It’s great to have well-rounded plumbers that can have a wide variety of experiences, but we also like to hire plumbers that have a certain expertise in one or more areas. We might need a plumber who specializes in repiping, for example, or someone who is good with HVAC systems. Those expert areas give our customers more comfort and peace of mind.

The Plumbing Company For You

When you need a plumber for any reason, Pete Fer & Son Plumbing and Supply Company is the right call to make. You know we are serious about the plumbers we hire and you’ll never get anything but the best from any of our employees. As a family owned and operated business, we are your neighbors and your friends. We operate in the local area and don’t have a corporate office calling the shots or giving us quotas. We want nothing but the best for your home and your plumbing system. We’ll do quality, honest work every time at a fair price.