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How A Plumber Can Help During Your Search For A Home

How A Plumber Can Help During Your Search For A Home

A Plumber Knows What A Bathroom Needs

Your home has a number of elements that you think you need in order to get by. You might think some of these things are nice or even luxuries that you could really live without if you had to. But did you know that your home is required to have certain elements? Some of them might just surprise you.

Minimum Property Standards

If you want to get a loan for a house, the home in question has to have a few items in order to be considered a decent investment. First, the home should be able to protect the safety and health of those who live in it. Second, the home should protect the security of the property. And third, the property should not have physical deficiencies that affect its structural integrity. These are general items, but they get much more specific when you look into it further. Here are some more details.

Property Access

The home has to have safe and adequate access for vehicles as well as pedestrians and the street has to have a surface that allows emergency vehicles.


If any area of the home has asbestos damage, it must be inspected and deemed safe before moving forward.


There have to be working appliances, specifically a stove for the home to be inhabitable.


A house must have at least one toilet, sink, and shower.

Water Heater

The water heater in the home has to meet local building codes.

How Can A Plumber Help?

If you are looking for a home, or you want to ensure that your current home meets the right property standards, it is a good idea to meet with a plumber for advice. Anyone can see that your home has a bathroom with a toilet, sink, and shower, but how do you know that these amenities are actually running in top form? Plumbers can go through the plumbing items with a fine tooth comb and ensure that everything is lined up well and in working order. They can also point out things that might become an issue later, like leaks, in order to give you advice on whether it should be fixed or needs to be replaced.

Include A Plumber On Housing Decisions

If you are looking to get a house that has gone through foreclosure so you can get a good deal on it, you need to include a plumber in your decisions. Have a plumber go over the details with you so the home is deemed not only livable, but also structurally sound. You don’t want to get a house only to have a plumbing emergency that will set you back. Whether you need help with buying a house or you want to fix the plumbing in your current home, Pete Fer & Son Plumbing and Supply Co can help. We work on commercial and residential plumbing issues and can offer advice, repairs, replacements, and anything in between that you need.