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Hiring A Plumbing Company Before Winter

Hiring A Plumbing Company Before Winter

Preparing For Winter With A Plumbing Company

The winter season is one of the most trying times on household plumbing. While you might not think about it, the cold can do a lot to the pipes and infrastructure that carries water through your home. Sometimes, the temperatures outside don’t even need to be at freezing levels to do damage. When the damage is done, repairs are typically costly and time-consuming. Thankfully, there’s a lot you can do with a plumbing company before the winter to safeguard your pipes and plumbing. Here’s a basic guide on how to winterize your plumbing before the cold hits:

Potential Problems

During the winter, the cold is the number one enemy of your plumbing. Anytime it is cold outside, especially at freezing temperatures, water in your pipes runs the risk of freezing over. Solid ice in your pipes means your plumbing is more likely to leak or even break under the cold and weight. This kind of damage can even go unnoticed until the springtime if you are away during the winter months. When this happens, the damage may result in leaky or busted pipes that will require replacing.

Professional Steps To Take

While there are many things you can do by yourself to keep water from freezing in your pipes, the safest bet is to have a professional do the work for you. Calling a plumbing company during the fall or sometime before winter hits will allow them to prepare your plumbing for the cold. The actual steps a plumber will take will depend on your plumbing. In general, a plumber will assess what kinds of risks your plumbing faces when the cold hits. This may include insulating at-risk pipes or replacing old pipes to stand up to the cold.

Making The Investment

The cost for an initial assessment appointments and any follow-up work that is required will vary depending on your home and the steps your plumber deems necessary. In general, plumbers will charge an hourly fee plus the cost of any additional parts or labor that is required. You can expect to pay anywhere from less-than-$100 on up. Sometimes, a plumber will even make recommendations that you can tackle yourself to save on money and labor. Regardless of the cost, it is important to recognize that these steps will help you save money in the long run. Even though it may cost a little upfront, it will always be less than the expenses of a plumber coming in to fix or replace damage from the cold.

Make An Appointment Today

The best time to have a professional come out to check out your plumbing is today. Since winter is almost here, there’s still time for you to get your plumbing assessed and prepared for the cold. All it takes is a single phone call to a plumbing company to set up an initial appointment. If you’re interested in seeing what our plumbers have to offer you, check out the rest of our website or call today. We will have a plumber out there in no time to get your home ready for the winter.