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Here’s What You Need To Do Before Calling A Plumber

Here’s What You Need To Do Before Calling A Plumber

Call A Plumber Second

When you have a plumbing emergency in your home, you know right away that you need to call a plumber. But there are actually some things you can do first in order to limit the damage to your property and prepare for the plumber’s arrival. No one wants an emergency plumbing problem. But if it happens to you, keep these tips in mind before you call the plumber.

Stay Calm And Don’t Panic

When you see water pouring out of a pipe, your heart might start to race and you’ll feel like you should just run away from the issue. First, stay calm and don’t panic. It’s highly important that you keep a clear mind to prevent more serious damage. Be aware of your floor and furniture and what you can possibly do to prevent damage to them. Think about what’s the best possible course of action you can do for this situation and avoid panicking at all costs.

Shut The Water Down

The first move you need to make after you discover a major problem is to shut the water off to the fixture or pipe that is having the issue. Some toilets and other plumbing fixtures have their own shut-off valves nearby. They are usually located right next to the pipe that supplies the water. You can tighten them and stop the immediate flow. If you haven’t found the shut-off valve for the problem item, turn off the main water supply outside at the front or back of your home to prevent flooding in the immediate future.

Call The Plumber

Once you have the water shut off, you can make the call to your plumber to get emergency help. Many plumbers are available 24/7 so you don’t have to wait until the next day. You need help right away so you can get the issue fixed and restore water service to the house.

While You Wait

While you are waiting for the plumber to arrive, assess the damage that has already been done to the house. Get out some towels, mops, and buckets and soak up as much of the water as you can. You are trying to prevent mold growth and maintain a healthy environment.

Watch For Wires And Use Safety Precautions

You should stay clear of standing water that is anywhere near electrical wires because you could shock yourself. Sure, you want to get started on the cleanup, but if there is any doubt, stay away from the area to ensure your safety. Wait for your plumber to come help figure out what’s going on.

Resolving The Issue With The Plumber

When your emergency plumber arrives, they can see to the emergency in a quick, cost-effective manner. Whether you have a broken pipe, an overflowing toilet, or a leaking water heater, Pete Fer & Son Plumbing is here to help. Give them a call anytime you have an emergency, whether it’s during business hours and the weekday or not. We want to take care of your needs as quickly as possible in an emergency situation.