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Helpful Plumbing Emergency Tips

Helpful Plumbing Emergency Tips

Stopping Emergencies Before They Get Worse With A Plumbing Company

Every homeowner will have a plumbing issue at some point or another. It might be a leaky pipe, a toilet that won’t stop running, or a clogged garbage disposal. Not all of these issues are emergencies, but any of them can be. If you don’t want to have a true disaster on your hands, you need to know how to handle an emergency before it gets out of hand. Avoid further damage by figuring out how to shut off your water supply so the plumbing company can get to your home and fix the issue.

Shutting Off The Sink Valve

If you spring a leak in your sink in the kitchen or bathroom, or if the pipe going to that fixture is leaking, you will want to turn the water off to that item. The shut-off valve for the sink is usually right next to the pipes that enter the sink. There’s usually a plastic or chrome plate that you will turn counterclockwise to turn the water off. If the knob sticks, pliers can help. This will buy you time to call the plumbing company and get repairs lined up without worrying about damage. You can still use the water in the rest of your house, so the inconveniences are lower than they would be otherwise. Washing machines usually have very simple valves that you just push down on the side while water heaters have valves as well that can be turned off.

Shutting Down The Main Water Valve

If you have a burst pipe and can’t find a valve near it, it might be best to shut the water supply off to the whole house. That valve is located where the cold water pipes come into the house. In warmer areas, it’s outside. In colder climates, check inside. The knob is generally red and needs to be turned clockwise. Don’t try to slow the water by controlling how much water enters your home. You either need to have the water on or off in order to get ahold of your plumbing company.

Call For Emergency Help From Your Plumbing Company

After you get the water shut down, you will call your plumbing company and tell them what’s going on. In a true emergency, you should be able to call the company you choose at any time of the day or night. You can’t wait for a weekend to pass if you had to shut all of the water off because of a burst pipe or leak. If you were able to shut down one leaky sink, you may be able to wait until business hours to get the help you need. Either way, contact Pete Fer & Son Plumbing for your repair issues sooner rather than later. You don’t want the leaks to spread or get worse. Turning the water off is a great first step, but it puts you in a holding pattern until you can access the repairs you need.