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Halloween Is A Plumbing Nightmare

Halloween Is A Plumbing Nightmare

Let’s get into the Halloween spirit and tell you a scary story…..

Once upon a time, in a South Bay residential neighborhood a homeowner was happily preparing for Halloween! Decorations, candy, party invites…. the homeowner was going all out.

But, behind every corner lurked potential plumbing problems!

What are some of the common Halloween plumbing nightmares?!

  1. Pumpkin Pulp and Seeds in the Sink: While carving pumpkins, many people scoop out the insides and might be tempted to shove the pulp and seeds down the garbage disposal. This can lead to clogs as pumpkin pulp is stringy and can wrap around the disposal blades. Seeds can also damage the disposal.
  2. Increased Toilet Usage: If you’re hosting a Halloween party, your bathroom will see more activity than usual. This can lead to potential toilet clogs, especially if guests aren’t careful about what they flush.
  3. Sink Overloads: If you’re hosting a Halloween party, there’s likely to be more dishwashing, which could lead to potential clogs, especially if food or non-food items mistakenly go down the drain.
  4. Candy and Wrappers Down the Drain: Small candies or their wrappers might accidentally fall into sinks or toilets, leading to potential blockages.
  5. Outdoor Hose Bib Issues: Halloween decorations can sometimes involve the use of water, and if you’re using an outdoor hose bib, there’s potential for leaks or damage, especially if it’s tampered with or if decorations put pressure on it.
  6. Blocked Drains from Fall Leaves: Around Halloween, trees shed their leaves, which can block outdoor drains, especially during rainstorms. This can lead to water pooling or even flooding.
  7. Increased Use of Hot Water: If you have guests over for the holiday, there might be increased demand for hot water, putting a strain on your water heater.
  8. Spooky Noises in the Pipes: Not necessarily a Halloween-induced issue, but clanging pipes or ghostly noises from your plumbing system can add an unintended spooky ambiance to your home. These noises can be caused by water hammer, high water pressure, or other plumbing issues.
  9. Decorations Causing Tripping Hazards: If you’ve set up elaborate outdoor Halloween decorations, there’s a chance that they could obscure or put pressure on outdoor plumbing fixtures, potentially leading to damage.
  10. Accidental Damage from Vandalism: Sadly, Halloween can sometimes invite mischief like smashed pumpkins. If your outdoor plumbing fixtures or pipes are tampered with, they could suffer damage.