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Dos and Don’ts for your HVAC System

Dos and Don’ts for your HVAC System

Take Care of your HVAC, and it will Take Care of You

Taking care of a heating and air conditioning unit sounds like a big, time-consuming job. It is always recommended to have a professional HVAC technician from your local air conditioning service inspect your unit annually, but there are things that you can do to minimize wear and tear on your HVAC system. Taking care of your HVAC is much easier than many people realize, and can help you to save money over the years on heating and cooling bills, as well as save you from having to purchase another system sooner than absolutely necessary.

DO Insulate Your Home

Making any machine work harder is going to shorten its life. To help your HVAC system keep your home comfortable, insulate your home. Doors and windows are particularly bad at leaking cool and warm air, but basement and attic doors are also well-known culprits. Insulating exterior doors and windows is relatively easy, and can give you immediate savings on your electric bills. You’ll even feel the difference immediately – your rooms will feel warm or cool in less time with rooms that are properly insulated.

DO Clean Your Vents

Like insulation, clean vents help your HVAC by lessening its effort to heat or cool your rooms. It is normal for dust and dirt to gather in the blades of the vent, but this does need to be addressed. Cleaning your vents makes it easier for the air to travel out of the system, and get into your bedrooms and living rooms.

DON’T Run Your System Around the Clock

It is understandably tempting to keep your system on and going at all times, particularly during summer and winter. Temperature extremes are uncomfortable, and winter can be the culprit of colds and flus. For that reason, keeping rooms and bathrooms warm in winter has a practical reason. Making the necessary adjustments to the climate in your home can involve a degree of patience. Once your room is warm, turning your unit off will take some stress off of your system. When you can feel the room beginning to cool off, feel free to switch your unit back on.

DON’T Ignore Strange Smells

The world we live in is full of strange and sometimes bad smells. Some smells, though, need to be addressed, and not ignored. Sometimes, you may smell a burning, smoky smell. This could be caused by an air filter than needs changing, but it is best to turn your unit off if your smell something burning. Calling a professional should be your next step. The smell of rotten eggs could be a natural gas leak, and you’ll again need the assistance of a professional.

DO Clean Your Air Filter Regularly, and Replace it when Necessary

Keeping your air filter clean may take a little bit of time, but is one of the best ways to maintain your HVAC unit. Remove your filter, and wash it with soap and warm water. What you’ll lose are dirt, dust, debris, and germs that you wouldn’t want circulating through your home. After cleaning your filter, allow it to dry. It should take a couple of hours, but you can leave it to dry, and go on about your business. With a clean, dry filter, you can rest assured that you’re helping to protect your HVAC.