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Do You Need an Air Conditioning Repair Service?

Do You Need an Air Conditioning Repair Service?

Signs You Need An Air Conditioning Repair Service

You don’t want to be caught without working air conditioning in San Pedro no matter what time of year it is. Here, we consistently experience some of the highest temperatures in the country. It’s one of the reasons that so many people love living here, the weather is great year around. Unfortunately, it’s not so great for people that don’t have working air conditioning. If you don’t, it can get hot in your house really quickly. You don’t want to be that uncomfortable. Here are four signs that you need to make a call to an air conditioning repair service to get your HVAC looked at today.

1. Varying House Temperatures

Is one part of your house incredibly hot, while another is incredibly cold? This can be a sign of many things, but most likely is just a sign that your thermostat is broken. The thermostat is constantly sampling the temperature of the various rooms in your house, so if it finds that one room is incredibly hot, it’s going to route cold air to correct the issue. The varying temperatures generally mean that the thermostat is not working properly in one room, or any. Having an HVAC service come by and take a look is your best bet to correct the issue. They will either replace the thermostat or go inside of it in order to correct the electric issue directly.

2. Air Isn’t Cold

Is the air coming out of your air conditioner not even cold? Have you turned it all the way up, and it’s still not working at all? This usually means that your air conditioner needs serious repairs to get it back in working order, because the freon levels are low. Usually, people end up replacing the unit when it comes to this. Have a repair service come by and see if they can salvage it: if not, they’ll be able to replace the entire unit for you.

3. Air Isn’t Flowing

No air flow means that the air conditioner compressor isn’t working or that the duct system is not working the way that it should be. You may have dust, dirt, or mold built up in your system that’s preventing the flow of air. No matter what the cause is, you need to get someone to drop by and take a look at the system as soon as possible. If air doesn’t flow, your house is going to get really uncomfortable without it.

Repair Your Air Conditioner

The more proactive you are about repairing your air conditioner, the cheaper the job is going to be. The earlier you detect a problem the more likely that the repair person is going to be able to do something about it without replacing the entire unit, which can be incredibly costly even for families that are well off. Check for varying temperatures throughout the house, poor airflow, and lukewarm air. If your air conditioner is demonstrating these symptoms, get someone to come by as soon as possible to repair it, so you can continue to live in comfort.