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Common Commercial Bathroom Issues Seen By A Plumber

Common Commercial Bathroom Issues Seen By A Plumber

Commercial Bathroom Issues To Look Out For

A plumber knows that every bathroom faces different issues, but bathrooms in commercial spaces often present their own special challenges. Business owners have a responsibility to make sure bathrooms in their facilities are functional for both customers and employees. Here are some of the most common commercial bathroom problems to look out for.

Leaky Faucets

Faucet leaks in business bathrooms can waste thousands of gallons of water every year, unnecessarily increasing the cost of water for your business. Throw in the damage done by a leaky faucet and you’ve got an expensive problem on your hands.

Clogged Drains

Commercial bathrooms just don’t get the respect they deserve by users. That means that clogged drains are a big problem, since people put food, dirt, and bits of paper towel down commercial sink drains, causing slow drains and eventually clogs. Clogged drains don’t reflect well on a business, so make sure you call in a plumber to get the problem resolved fast.

Clogged Toilets

The good news is that commercial toilets are often more difficult to clog than the toilet found in a home, but the bad news is that it doesn’t keep it from happening! Plunging a commercial toilet clog won’t likely solve the issue, so it’s best to call in a plumber to snake it. Be on the lookout for toilets that clog more often than others, since that could be a sign of something more serious going on than just a simple clog.

Sewer Smells

Bathrooms, especially public ones, can smell bad. It’s just a fact of life in commercial settings. It’s often the result of waste lingering around sewer drains. If you notice any smells coming from drains in the floor, then you need to call a plumber as soon as possible. You may have a backed up sewer on your hands.

Low Water Pressure

If you’re having trouble with faucets that only trickle or toilets that barely flush, then you are experiencing issues with water pressure. It doesn’t mean there’s a major problem going on, but you do need to have someone in to take a look just to make sure.

Silent Leaks

Pipes behind walls can drip silently, wasting a lot of water and causing structural damage to your facility. Make sure you pay attention to your water bills. If you see an unexpected increase in water usage, call in a plumber.

Broken Toilet Handles

Manual toilet flushers often break in commercial restrooms since so many people use them and don’t take the same care they might at home. This can lead to the problem of a bathroom user being unable to flush while using your bathroom, so don’t let the problem linger. Replace any residential style handles on your toilets with either a button mechanism or a motion sensor to resolve the issue.

You can’t always avoid these commercial plumbing issues, but being aware of what can go wrong is a great start to try to prevent them. Make sure you contact a plumber as soon as you begin to notice any issue on your restrooms!