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Bathroom Upgrades To Prevent Slipping

Bathroom Upgrades To Prevent Slipping

Plumbing Company Bathroom Upgrade Recommendations

Anyone can slip and fall in the bathroom. In fact, you may have heard it’s the most dangerous room in the house where the most accidents occur. If you have an aging parent, clumsy children, or a tendency to slip yourself, you might want to look into ways to prevent slips in your bathroom. Your plumbing company has plenty of recommendations that can be installed when you do your bathroom remodeling project. Here are a few ideas to consider:

Bath Mats

One of the easiest and cheapest solutions to help avoid slips and falls in the bathtub is a textures mat on the floor of the tub. Measure your tub and get the right size with suction cups on the bottom to keep it in place. You can get a full mat or a smaller mat that climbs to the bottom of the tub to give a little traction. Spacing out a few mats can avoid treacherous falls in the tub.

Bath Seats

Shower stalls or larger tubs have plenty of room for a water-resistant chair or stool that gives people the option to sit down when bathing in the shower. This is especially helpful for people with mobility issues or an injury. The stools can be cheap and plastic and still do the trick. Or, when you work on bathroom remodeling with your plumber, you could get a permanent seat installed in the corner of the shower.

Grab Bars

Another cheap and easy solution is to install grab bars in the tub or shower. These bars come in a variety of shapes and sizes and can help a person with mobility issues get in and out of the shower. They are also handy to grab if someone slips. They might allow that person to catch themselves before the fall occurs.


If you are working on bathroom remodeling, your tub might need refinishing. If that is the case, you can get a tub with a texturing agent so the surface has more grip to it to prevent slippery situations.

Zero Entry

You can also get a bathtub with a door that opens and closes on the side so people can simply open the door and step in. That helps prevent the need to step up and over something, which can lead to getting off balance and falling. There are also zero entry showers that don’t require stepping up or over anything as well.

Make The Bathroom Safer

You don’t want people to have an accident in any room of your house, but since the bathroom is the most common accident location, it makes sense to start with safety measures there. Contact your local plumbing company for more ideas on bathroom safety and then assess your own individual situation and needs. When you go through the remodeling process, installing one or more of the above safety measures can go a long way toward preventing accidents and creating a safe haven in the bathroom.