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5 Things Your Plumbing Company Wished You Knew

5 Things Your Plumbing Company Wished You Knew

A Few Tips From Your Local Plumbing Company

Owning your own home or business is a lot of responsibility. Plumbing is an integral part of any home or business, and the condition of the pipes have an impact on the value of your property as well. There are several things you should know about your plumbing that every plumbing company wishes more people knew. Here are the top five.

1. Not Everything Can Be Put Down The Drain

There are many things you should never put down your kitchen drain, but at the top of that list is cooking oil or grease. As grease cools it coagulates and becomes a solid. That makes it very difficult to remove from the pipes and it will eventually cause slow drains or clogs that are expensive to repair. Make sure to store your grease in containers that can then be disposed of properly—nowhere near your drain!

2. The Toilet Is Not A Garbage Can

Your toilet isn’t a trash can, so don’t treat it that way! Just because something seems like it would fit down the toilet doesn’t mean you should put it there. In fact, anything beyond the stuff that’s supposed to go in there (you know—stuff from your body and toilet paper), can be one of the worst things you can do for your pipes. Clogs can easily be generated by the buildup of debris, and that can really damage your plumbing system.

3. Don’t Flush Wipes

Baby wipes are really convenient, but they don’t belong down your toilet. Even the type that says they’re “flushable” shouldn’t be flushed. The material doesn’t break down fast enough to go down the toilet. Even if you don’t have a septic system, you need to abide by this rule. Public waste departments spend a ton of money every year removing objects from waste water. Don’t be a part of the problem and damage your own pipes in the process.

4. Don’t Assume Your Pipes Can Handle A Full House

Plumbing systems run better with regular, predictable use. But overloading any system is bad for it. That’s why if you’re expecting visitors that will result in heavy usage of your home’s plumbing, you might want to call your local plumbing company to schedule a checkup. You don’t want to experience a plumbing emergency when you’ve got a full house!

5. Call The Plumber Before Problems Start

There are telltale signs that your plumbing is having problems; you just need to learn to recognize them. The time not to recognize them is when you’ve got water spraying everywhere in your bathroom in the middle of the night! Discuss early warning signs of a problem with your plumber so you know what to look for, then call them at the first sign that something is wrong. This will save you money and heartache down the road!

Schedule a plumbing checkup with your plumber regularly so you can stay on top of things in your home and head off any problems before they happen. And make your plumber proud by remembering what not to do to keep your pipes in good shape!