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4 Tips to Prevent the Need For Air Conditioner Repair

4 Tips to Prevent the Need For Air Conditioner Repair

Don’t Wanna Spend Money on Air Conditioner Repair?

If you own a home, you know how expensive that it can be to constantly be spending money on fixing your air conditioner. What if your air conditioner didn’t break in the first place? There’s a way to make sure that you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars every few years on air conditioner repair again, and that’s to properly maintain and take care of the air conditioner in the now. Want some tips on how to keep your air conditioner in great working order? Here are a few tips that will help you get there.

REMEMBER: before you start performing any maintenance at all, you need to turn off the power on the air conditioner.

1. Change Your Filter

Once a month, you should be changing the filter inside of your air conditioner. The reason for this is that the filter is going to end up determining how energy efficient your air conditioner ends up being. The less efficient that your air conditioner is, the harder that it’s going to have to work in order to change the temperature in the room. Of course, the harder that it has to work, the shorter overall life of the device is going to be. Also, the buildup of dirt in the system is going to cause way more problems than it’s worth, so make sure that you’re changing the air filter every single month so the HVAC repair person doesn’t have to come by with a bill that you won’t like.

2. Spray the Fins

You know the gated fins up and down your air conditioner outside? You’re going to want to take a high pressure garden hose and spray those out in order to get rid of any debris. This will increase the overall quality of the device, and help to make sure that you don’t end up with a broken air conditioner in the middle of a Long Beach summer.

3. Straighten the Fins

In order to make it so that air flows freely throughout the system, you should be straightening the fins using a butter knife every so often. It’s important that the power is off before you do any of this, so as to ensure that you don’t get electrocuted when you’re trying to perform maintenance on it.

4. Check the Wires

When you open up your unit, what do the wires look like inside? Are any of them burned or melted? Is there a calcium buildup that’s causing connectivity issues? If you see anything at all that doesn’t look good, you need to call an air conditioner repair person to perform maintenance. Otherwise, you might have a broken air conditioner pretty quickly.

Spend Less Money Repairing, and More Money Living

You shouldn’t have to spend thousands of dollars on your air conditioner every year just to make sure that it’s still working. You want for it to be working the whole time, without spending the ridiculous amount of money. Do you want to spend less money on your air conditioner, and more money on yourself and your family? You need to follow these tips to make sure that it stays in working order for years to come.

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