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4 Air Conditioning Repair Tips

4 Air Conditioning Repair Tips

Air Conditioning Repair Tips to Keep Your Machine Up and Running

The last thing that you want to be is caught without an air conditioner in the middle of a heat wave. Everybody is in a bad mood, sweating, feeling awful, and in the midst of all of that, you have to call for emergency air conditioning repair, paying an extra fee to have someone come out on short notice. It’s incredibly annoying. Do you want to make sure that your air conditioner stays up and running? Here are four tips to help you keep your air conditioner in tip-top shape.

1. Changing Filters

This is one of the most neglected ways to keep your air conditioner up and running. Changing the filter has to be done on a monthly basis to prevent the passage of dirt in your air conditioner. If you don’t change your filter on a monthly basis, it can result in the buildup of dirt, dust, and mold, which can significantly affect the efficiency of your unit. If the unit has to work overtime to compensate for the dirt, dust, and mold that’s already in your system, it’s not only more likely to break down, it’s also going to significantly lower the lifespan of the unit. Put a monthly reminder in your calendar for the filter to be replaced to keep your air conditioner up and running.

2. Ice Build Up

Do you have ice that’s building up around your machine? Your unit is not going to work until that ice is melted. In order to do this, simply turn off the air conditioning, and run the fan in the unit until all of the ice is melted. If you don’t want to do that, you can just turn off the unit altogether and let the ice melt on its own. Either way, you need to get rid of any ice build up in order for the air conditioner to run properly.

3. Check the Breaker

Is your unit simply not turning on? When several appliances are attached to a single breaker, often the breaker will trip, resulting in them turning off. Checking your breaker is a quick fix that could end up saving you a lot of money from having a repair person come down and diagnose the problem. Check the breaker before you call someone.

4. Clean Your Unit

Use caution, and turn the unit off completely before you start cleaning. Clean each of the fan blades on the outside unit and remove any dirt, dust, or mold that might be inside of the unit. The blades are pretty easy to break, so you have to be sure to be careful with them. You can also clean the dirt, dust, and mold off of your inside unit, just make sure that you turn off the unit before you start.

No Air Conditioning Repair Required!

By performing proper maintenance on your unit, you’re going to reduce your risk of needing a repairperson come out and provide HVAC services. Make sure that you change the filters, get rid of any ice, check the breaker before you call a repairperson, and clean your unit regularly to make sure that it keeps running smoothly.

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